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MFM Ministries is a full is a full gospel ministry devoted to the Revival of Apostolic Signs, Holy Ghost fireworks and the unlimited demonstration of the power of God to deliver to the uttermost. Absolute holiness within and without as the greatest spiritual insecticide and a pre-requisite for Heaven is taught openly. MFM is a do-it-yourself Gospel ministry where your hands are trained to wage war and your fingers to do battle.At MFM, aggressive prayer is considered as an aid to spiritual focus and a check against being overwhelmed by the flesh. At MFM Prayer City, prayer goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non-stop.

  • *To propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ all over the world.

  • *To promote the revival of Apostolic signs, wonders and miracles.

  • *To bring together children of God who are lost in dead churches

  • *To train believers in the art and science of spiritual warfare; thus making them an aggressive and victorious army for the Lord

  • *To train believers to receive Holy Ghost baptism and fire as well as a daily walk and relationship with the Holy Spirit


*The Scriptures are the inspired Word of God; the only basis for our faith and fellowship

*The One True God, ETERNAL EXISTENT in three Persons. God The Father, God The Son and The Holy Spirit

*The fall and deprivation of mankind, necessitating redemption through the Blood of Jesus Christ

*The Salvation of Mankind is through the Redeeming Work of Jesus Christ and the Regenerative Work of the Holy Spirit. Sanctification is seen as an act of separation from that which is evil


MFM branches spring up as one of the fastest growing churches of this generation, with branches in London  United States, Canada, Europe, The Caribbean, Africa and Asia. On every continent, MFM is profoundly visible and greatly impactful.


When Your Marriage Needs Deliverance - Dr D.K Olukoya.

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